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          Capt. Abhishek Kumar is an AMFI registered Mutual Fund Distributor. He provides his services as a freelancer worldwide for different clients of the maritime sector. This continued exposure has led him to have an expanded, holistic and practical overview of all aspects of life, including financial. He is an awardee with the Duke of Edinburg's Award Scheme, and presently is an Associate Fellow with the Nautical Institute, London as well as Associate Fellow with the Royal Institute of Navigation, London.

          The idea of inF!n was born during the financial crisis of 2008 when he realised the underwhelming understanding of financial products amongst unsuspecting clients who were being taken for a ride.

          inF!n is a socio-financial venture which provides information and knowledge about various financial products. The venture aims to bring about financial independence to every strata of society. At inF!n, we believe in the virtues of simplicity, patience and correct understanding. We firmly believe that every citizen of this country should be given enough information to help him attain his / her best financial condition.

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